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Used Taylor TE100 bag filler, 3 available

- classic filler for beans & seed

- old electronic controls can be upgraded if required   
- electronic gross weigh bag filler

Used JMC Baler model 115/200 ( Johnsen Machinery )

- automatic baler for small bags

- complete with incline conveyor and take away conveyor
- 600 / 3 phase voltage

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Used Fischbein 400 sewing system

- 575 / 3 phase ( can be changed if required)

- model 100 sewing head with thread pusher ( can be changed to       rotary if required)
- bag sewing system

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Used sewing system, Fischbein pedestal, sewing head & CP-4900 infeed

- 220 single phase ( can be changed if required) 

- variable speed on both motors (typically 40 ft / min.) 
- sewing head with rotary thread cutter
- Model CP-4900 belt infeed
- power belt infeed for sewing system

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Used Fischbein model PBC 6000 bag sealer

- hot air bag sealer for glue top pinch bottom bags

- pinch bottom bag sealer
- paper bag sealer

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Used VIC Systems model S2200ESS auger packers, 2 available

- AD-5000 digital controls

- 230 / 3 phase ( can be changed if required)
- 2" diameter auger (9" circumference fill tube)
- stainless steel fill tube   
- auger style valve packer, valve bag filler 

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Used Stoker model CR / CIP model C-1010 auger packer

- valve bag filler

- auger packer
- previously used for 50 lb bags of flour

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Used Fischbein model 10,000 sewing head

Rotary cutter can be installed if required.

- industrail sewing head

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Model CP-4900 power infeed

Bag top folder included, not shown.

- power belt infeed for sewing systems 

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Used Bonar model 10GV single head filler

- 1 to 5kg, 10 bags/min

- gravity / vibrator style net weigh filler 
- good for bird seed 

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Tube style vibrating additive / minor ingredient feeder

  • for baking soda and other additives
  • controls additional
  • vibratory tube feeder

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Used Taylor Products TEGN net weigh filler, gravity fed

- for free flowing products beans, seed etc

- upgraded controls 
- large net weigh filler for 50 lb beans, seed etc.
- two position gravity gate feeder

Used Wise Pkg model NF-GG-3 , triple head (triplex) filler

  • 3 head gravity fed net weigh filler
  • 30 to 36 bags per minute, +/- 20 to 50 grams accuracy
  • Fill weights from 1 kg to 10 kg ( depending on product density)  
  • Infinitely adjustable two position feed gate for bulk & dribble feeding if free flowing products 
  • .8 cu ft (1380 cu in) capacity weigh hopper
  • Optional bag clamp 
          ( shown with front cover removed)
  •  Optional air operated bag clamp

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